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Our family has been making txakoli since at least 1830, the date of our oldest written document.

The wine made by our forebears was called Joxepa Jostun, named after the family matriarch and excellent seamstress. Sewing was another skill deeply rooted in local culture which would soon produce the likes of Cristóbal Balenciaga, 20th century couturier and master of Parisian prêt-à-porter.

With nearly ten acres under vine, our work is based on fully artisanal production. We have complete control over the process, from growing the grapes to packing the bottles in crates for distribution.

We are artisans of txakoli making. We pamper every bunch of grapes and monitor every detail. We dedicate a cask to each parcel, and keep oxygen at a minimum during the entire fermentation process.

For more than 150 years txakoli was produced on this land. In the 1980s Luis Zimmerman, raised among vines, decided to carry on the family tradition.

This new wine is the result of his passion and 150 years of know-how passed down over generations.



Crafts and innovation: